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Monday, 28 March 2011

Crows Zero Review

Ok so i thought i would start off by basically explaining why these two movies are pretty much the greatest films i have ever seen.

I'll start off by saying i am a complete movie nut, so for me to straight out say a film is the greatest ive seen is a fair feat, Takashi Miike accomplished this with two in a row. Crows Zero and Crows Zero 2 are both based of a manga and with seeing how this usually goes with these type of films i didnt really have high hopes, of course i was wrong.

The first movie follows our hero Genji as he transfers to the toughest school in all of japan "Suruzan" which is called the School Of Crows, this school had never been completely taken over by just one person before and Genji was out to change this and in the process show up his father who just happened to be one of the main yakuza bosses, of course its a Takashi Miike movie.

Throughout the movie Genji finds it easier and easier to accomplish the things he needs to that will allow him to take over with the help of a rival boss's right hand man Ken. After a whole lot of action, lies, romance and friendship it comes down to that final climax where Genji must of course take his men and go up against the last remaining resistance, Serizawa. I wont say how it ends you need to watch this for your self, and I realise this hasnt sounded exciting as i make it out to me but just the way this film was made is brilliant, its almost perfect, you fall in love with the characters and their progression throughout the film, it leaves you at the edge of your seat not knowing exactly what will happen next. To cap that all off it has a brilliant soundtrack which is a mix of cool japanese rock styles and a feast of just kickass instrumentals, this movie could have not have been put together any better, just watch it I almost garantee if you like asian movies you will love this.

As for number two, well lets just say when you can safely put down on paper in all truthfulness that a sequel is even better than the first, that there is a defining factor in how good it must be, so watch that to, but make sure you watch them in order otherwise you will miss a real lot.

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