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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Help Support a good cause, I think

On the right side of my blog here there is a link to help support a cancer foundation, I have no idea if this is legit its just a gadget from this blogger site but it seems legit haha so please take a couple minutes to click it and do whatever it says, if anything it will at least make you feel a bit better.

Most of us have dealt with cancer in one way or another, I lost a loved one when i was young to this and hopefully we can one day beat it, so do what you can.


  1. Yep. had Cancer myself a year ago. I'm finally cured now. Hopefully cancer will be just like the flu in a few years :)

  2. I did a few activities for you, my internet connection died for some reason so it stopped in the middle of it ):

  3. I also did some activities for you. I, fortunately, have not felt the hardships of having a loved one or myself battling cancer. I, though, sympathize with those you do. Great post to raise awareness!

  4. Thanks heaps guys... ill follow you all for being good people! cheers